Services Overview

Like most CPA firms we provide many arrays of service, from bookkeeping to retirement planning. While our firm is small in size and can’t be experts in everything, we maintain service relationships with larger regional and national CPA firms so we can get trusted expertise for our clients when needed. The beauty of this is that our clients don’t have to go elsewhere to get the expert service they need as they grow and get our comparatively lower rates for most of the service they need. We do not practice international taxes, but we have several great contacts that do. So like family doctors we don’t call in the surgeons until necessary, as specialists cost more.

Our client base is generally in the Metro Detroit area, we do however have business clients in several states. Some of our clients do business nationally, so we have a lot of experience with tax compliance in practically all of the states. We service a multitude of different industry clients ranging from one person entities to larger privately held organizations with in-house CPA’s and Attorney’s.

Like many other firms we provide Financial Accounting Services, Tax Services and Consulting Services. What we don’t provide is services to Public Entities, as we don’t have the experience to handle it. There are other areas of practice that we generally stay away from for the same reason. We are proactive in our services rendered and that only can work when there is an open line of communication and we communicate during the year. While much of our profession is oriented towards compliance services, our goal is to help solve problems and improve procedures.

Our staff: Marcey Kreger, Steven Nickol, and Michael Hartel.

Tax Services

  • Tax planning is important and starts with the start up of a business or activity. This is something we take serious and stress to our clients to take the time and talk to us about, no matter where they are in their business cycle.
  • Tax preparation and compliance is a necessary evil, but we try to make it as painless as possible. Offering services to individuals, Limited Liability Companies, Corporations and other entities with assistance in all different types of federal, state, multi state and local filings.
  • Representation with government authorities in audits, inquiries and notices.
  • Even if we are not engaged to provide monthly or quarterly work, we insist on
    reviewing reports and speaking with our business clients well enough before yearend,
    so they know how it may end up and their options.

Financial Accounting Services

  • This includes the very basic bookkeeping and record keeping for the small business client that doesn’t have the knowledge, time or interest to do it properly.
  • Assistance in setting up in-house accounting systems and financial reports.
  • Financial reporting at different assurance levels, including Compilations, Reviews,
    Audit utilizing GAAP and non-GAAP standards (this can be explained in more detail
    upon request).
  • Assistance with Cash Flow, Profit/Loss and Budgeting Analysis.

Corporate Finance

Our firm tries to stay active in the finance world so that we can be active and responsive in helping our clients find financing alternatives if needed and available. This may include traditional banking relationships or other avenues such as venture capital, leveraged leasing or even financing of receivables. As part of this service we are ready to assist with our firm preparing the required level of financial reporting to accomplish the goal. Let us know if you need help.

Traditional Accounting

We pride ourselves with being able to respond quickly with experienced staff to assist from the very basic bookkeeping services to more challenging tasks such as accounting system design, if needed. Our client base includes businesses with a sole member handling everything to entities with their own in house CPA’s and attorneys engaging us to review and consult on an end product.

Great Service & Support

We feel our response time in general is among the best. As questions and requests come up we usually get back with clients within hours. We are great at accommodating client schedules (within reason), and can point to only a few occasions over the years where engagements did not go as planned.

In some cases we do need to call in other professionals to assist us in areas where we are not proficient and due to their schedule it can cause delays. But, again, this generally helps in keeping the service fees lower.

This support is in more areas than accounting. So we are ready to call in or make referrals for you to attorneys, bankers, payroll and HR services and even other accounting firms as needed. Again, our goal is to assist in the various ways needed which many times includes referrals to other professionals.

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